Why Start A New Business
Fatoye O.A

People have numerous reasons for wanting to start a business of their own. You are afraid of corporate down-sizing and want to take a proactive step to securing your future. You want the freedom of working your own schedule without having to "ask" for time off from work. You want to travel less and spend more time with your family. You have a burning desire to earn what you are really worth. Any of the hundreds of other reasons people want to start a business. Starting your own business can be one of the most exciting things you ever do. It can also be the most frightening, risky and nerve-racking thing you ever do as well. You will be giving up your steady, "guaranteed paycheck". In return for giving up your paycheck, you will have the possibility to earn paychecks as large as, or 100 times as large. Of course, there is a possibility of not seeing another check as well. If you are comfortable with this fact, you are one step ahead of the pack. Before you tell your boss to "shove it", be sure you have at least 4 months of your current salary saved up in the bank and have a solid plan of attack for your new business. If you don't turn a profit in the first two months, you will still have money to eat with. Unfortunately, it can take 2 or more months to bring in any money whatsoever, so it is important to have a bit of a nest egg or safety net. The benefits of starting your own business far outweigh the costs in my opinion. Here are just some of the things I have enjoyed since starting my company. Freedom to use my imagination Unlimited earning possibilities My paycheck is directly reflective of my effort Very flexible schedule Don't report to anyone whatsoever Great tax write-offs that I normally wouldn't have Being a happier person overall Dress how I want to Proud feeling of what I do for a living These are things you just can't experience when working for another company. Before jumping into business for yourself, I would highly encourage you to weigh all of YOUR options and see if the pro's outweigh the con's. If so, go for it, but make sure you go for it 110%. A partial effort will surely lead to failure, and a failed business can really damage your self esteem, cause household problems or worse. I know you can do it, you just have to convince yourself of it now. Good luck to you!

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